Thanks to all who made the 20th Annual YSQC meeting featuring Arel Moodie and many others

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Our Mission

The YSQC is a member association that provides leadership to youth service organizations who work cooperatively for youth and families to improve the delivery of services.

Our Council

A collaborative association of more than 65 organizations which serve youth and families in Rochester, New York and the surrounding area.

Our Vision

The YSQC is the leader in advancing culturally competent, customer-driven, collaborative youth and family services.

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Youth Services Quality Council

        Ibero Youth Services consists of 7 specific programs that engage youth with a passionate

    and dedicated staff seeking to insure safe and inspirational environments for growth. Working with

our young people, they endeavor to educate and support youth emergence into adulthood; helping them

to recognize triggers and strategies to cope.  There programs collaborate with each other internaly and

                                                                                                      seek outside support from community providers;

                                                                                                      ever looking for further support for our youth. 
                                                                                                      Their programs include the Poder/Bry mentoring

                                                                                                       program, the PASEOS program, and the PAO

                                                                                                      program which reach out to schools, as well as, the

                                                                                                      community at large to enlighten our youth in 

                                                                                                      education, drugs and sexual health, Their Summer

                                                                                                      Youth Employment program brings our youth work

                                                                                                      force experience at a most crucial age, And the

                                                                                                      Latina Violence Program works in and out of

                                                                                                      schools to help support Latina’s awareness of their

                                                                                                      rights and strengths as human beings,  

                                                                                                      The IBERO/HillSide partnership collaborate to

                                                                                                      inspire our youth and further community                                                                                                                                         involvement, and the ELT program at

                                                                                                      School #”s 9 and 17 help to enrich curricula.

All of the above create lasting relationships with our youth of trust, respect and mentorship.​ Because of

their consistency, creativity and commitment to the community, Ibero has received the Quality Leadership

Award; for active participation and commitment to the work of the Youth Services Quality Council, and              provision of services that support and promote quality service for youth and families partnership. 

      Receiving this award acts to inspire them to continue working and fighting for our youth,

          our community, and our future                                  


Ibero American Action League Youth Services


Thank You Ibero Youth Services For All You Do!